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Recent applied art and design assignments:


Functional eye catchers and wallartdesign assignment adwords copywriters letter cabinet art and design

CLIENT QUESTION: We are looking for something ‘extra’ in our new office; a modern-day showcase-cabinet to show different letters, words and sentences in. It shouldn’t be too deep yet be very attractive and flexible in use.

SOLUTION: Adwords Copywriters house-style uses stripes. I made this test setup, they loved it, the cabinet was installed within a week. 11m2 0f Art and design, combined.

Read more on the ‘cabinet‘ page. See other design assignments in APPLIED ART





Bespoke beaded curtainsbeaded curtain acoustics screen room divider art and design

CLIENT QUESTION: Our office kitchenette is a mess; we would like to hide it without losing its ease of use.

SOLUTION: There are many attractive (and often cheaper) solutions than doors or walls. This made to measure beaded curtain is one of them.

See more ‘beaded curtain‘ examples. View more ways to elegantly partition a room in ROOMDIVIDERS





Applied art objects: lattice work, deluxelattice work deluxe, applied art and design assignment

CLIENT QUESTION: Our new house has a big romantic roofgarden, the only thing that stands out is a colossal steel chimney. Please do something.

SOLUTION: A stainless steel stocking fits in with the rest of  the deck and allows plants to climb up the Winoldified chimney. Art and design, combined.

More photos of this sexy chimney and other design assignments in APPLIED ART






Made to measure roomdividersflexible room divider art and design combined; art and design, combined

CLIENT QUESTION: We have a beautifully designed open kitchen. It is a bit to open though..

SOLUTION: A custom-made Vider Mint blends into the surroundings and does what it needs to do.

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Inventive partitions

floating magazine screen roomdivider art and design

CLIENT QUESTION: Can you brighten up our entry, we would like it to be lighter and more client-friendly.

the client used two massive grey filing cabinets as room dividers and was thinking about a reading table.

SOLUTION: this light roomdivider shields off the work area, doubles as a vertical reading table, brightens the place up and dampens acoustics.

More examples of this room-dividing magazine screen in ROOMDIVIDERS





Creative home solutionscreative interior art and design solutions, art and design, combined

CLIENT QUESTION: My wooden floor is worn around the table, before I call the floorguys, I would like to know what my other options are.

SOLUTION: I sanded out a round ‘carpet’ and treated it with a different finish. Problem solved attractively. Art and design, combined.

For more art and design assignments see: Specials in the APPLIED ART section






Storefront, lettering and signagestorefront sign design

CLIENT QUESTION: Our storefront looks good, but it can’t be seen from the main street. SOLUTION: Even within the boundaries of municipal building&beauty guidelines there are a lot of creative options to make your storefront better at attracting customers.

I did a lot of other designwork for B.Y.A. Most of which is graphic design; it is in the GRAPHICS section







Attractive custom acousticscustom acoustic art and design

CLIENT QUESTION: Our meetingroom looks fantastic but it bounces with sound, only one person at a time  can speak or make a telephone call. 

SOLUTION: standard acoustic solutions are expensive, for the same money I can design you a equally dampening piece of art like these lasercut acoustic foam tiles.

Contact me to discuss your acoustic situation, so we can determine the best creative solution. More graphic pattern designs.






Spatial solutionbeaded curtain dressing room, art and designs; art and design combined

DESIGN ASSIGNMENT: We would like to have two dressing rooms in our store, but we don’t want to build walls.

SOLUTION: I designed an attractive set of dressingrooms made from beaded curtains. The client was so content, I ended up designing the whole store.


More photos of my interior design for boutique Festen.





Logos, trademarks, graphic look & feelidentity, artwork, look and feel, logo

I have always loved designing company logos, icons, emblems, trademarks and graphic concepts; graphic Look & Feel. My preferred field of work is around startups and small businesses.

From a single shape or icon to a graphic ‘identity’ including logo, colourscheme, lettering and images. I am good at interpreting your (business) plans and translating them into an attractive look&feel that your target audience can identify with.


See more logo designs in my GRAPHICS portfolio





Client side creative consultancy

If you hired another design firm for your rebranding or redesign process (identity or interior). I can help you interpret their sketches, predict consequences and find flaws in proposals, from your side. I am a very affordable reality check. 



Princing / fee

A generic solution comes at a standard price. You wont pay much more for a unique, creative solution, sometimes even less. When you hire me, you pay for materials and ideas, not for corporate overhead and retail margins.

I usually work on a fixed fee basis (after agreement on the final design and price)



Typical client questions:

  • “We would like our office entrance to be more inviting and user-friendly”
  • “We need an object designed that is edible yet feels like a prize”
  • “Can you design an elegant sign that is weather/idiot proof
  • My ecological meatball startup needs a logo and an idea of where to go with the identity, packaging and eventually interior
  • We want to partititon this room, without darkening it
  • This gigantic chimney in my roofgarden needs some life/love”
  • and best of all: “Please fill this empty wall, can you make us a proposal?”.

I love answering questions like these, contact me with whatever design question you have in mind. A lot of questions can be solved long distance as well.