Handmade artwork, let me glue you a graphic

End title for imaginary movie

This is the first in a series of handmade artwork; ‘end title’ graphics for imaginary movies. In this case the artwork is made from: 4mm watercut stainless steel. The word is solidly stuck to the inside of an old sailing jacket. With a very sticky glue called Sikaflex (used to waterproof wooden ship decks).


Handmade artwork

This could have been the end title of a Mutiny on the bounty type sea adventure. If I had art directed it, it would have been a mix of wide seascape shots and extreme zooming in on details (especially towards the end).

handmade artwork, type, handmade type

Design assignments, let me glue you some handmade artwork

In this ‘freestyle’ example, I make the handmade artwork / object and the story. You can hire me to make one-off handmade artwork designs for you; handmade graphics that suit your title and content, after it has been written or composed.


Testing, testing

handmade artwork, handmade graphics, the end, type



Next up: a western

Constructed End title graphics for an imaginary gunslinger movie.