Aluminium chain curtain

Made to measure

This aluminium chain curtain is made from strands of woven 23x12mm aluminium links. It is light and stylish, yet indestructible. All widths and heights are possible. The curtain works acoustically dampening (it doesn’t bounce sound like a stone or glass wall) When moved it makes a calming rustling sound.



Use it as a doorway or room dividing screen. After walking (or grabbing something) through the curtain it swings back into place. Turn an ugly cabinet wall, cantine or kitchenette into a stylish interior item, without losing its ease of use.


Unique design

Your logo, a custom-made graphic design or photograph can be woven into the curtain. Think of the links as pixels to get an idea (or look at the photo below)


roomdivider branded screen

Monkey proof and elegant

The curtain is inflammable, indestructible and weather proof



The color range is limited to colors that can be anodised; electrochemicaly burned into the aluminium. Colours are permanent. The first 7 from the left are matt/satin, the right 7 strands are shimmer/glossy anodised.

aluminium chain curtain colors


Informal price quote

Please feel free to contact me to discuss options or receive an informal price quote for your project.


Aluminium chain curtain patterns

You can choose between a denser half-drop or a more open straight pattern:

aluminium chain curtain