Wall art, wooden wall flower

Wooden wallpiece

The client (a photostudio in Amsterdam) read an article about my custom designs and wall art, in EH&I (a Dutch interior magazine) and decided that he would like to have a piece of wall art similar to the 3D sketch in the article.


Wall art assignment

EH&I, wallpiece, wall artThe material and depth were agreed upon and I came up with this design. The diameter is about 2,5 meters. The client liked my proposal so I made and installed it. The ‘rose’ is carried by a circle of aluminium pipes that are drilled into the wall.


Functional and artistic

The wall flower was intended to be a functional piece (carrying / storing magazines and winebottles) the client loved it and decided not to fill it. I agreed.


Design assignments

On assignments like these the client and I have a first meeting to discuss possibilities. I will make a design proposal with a price-quote. When we agree on those, I produce and install the piece.

Contact me with any questions about custom-design or wall art you might have. I consider this sort of commission to be a sculpture assignment. Let’s set up an informal first meeting to see what i can do for you, you stylish devil.

wall art, wallpiece