Graphic wall art, tangible wallpaper

2D3D wall piece

As part of a series of exhibitions I was invited to make a graphic wall art piece at design&fashion store SPRMRKT in Amsterdam.


Tactile wallpaper; graphic wall art

This installation is a ±4x3m grid of nails with elastic wire. The design was made beforehand, this is a first sketch, a tryout with rubber bands. More work like this can be seen over at, because this is in between graphic and spatial I have also posted it here.


graphic wall art, wallpiece


graphic wall art sprmrkt, custom design and decoration I love working inbetween art and design; graphic wall art like this is made and conceived in close consultation with the client.


Real shadow rules

You can hire me to add some artistic oompf to your interior design. Photos of the real thing are artwork deLuxe. Forget computer generated 3D.


Wall art, Custom Design, Feature Wall, Vanity Piece (or whichever name you prefer). Feel free to contact me for more information or a pricequote.



graphic wall art, installation, 3D wallpaper