Look and Feel for Diamonds&Coconuts

Graphic Concepts and Design; Look and feel.

Let me help you make your business look good. A solid (and expandable) graphic concept is a joy forever. I translate your (business) ideas into an attractive graphic identity; a Look&Feel that your target audience can identify with.

I am proud of the amount of first sketches and ideas that my clients considered to be ‘spot-on’.

My motto is: Attract, intrigue and be memorable.


Diamonds & Coconuts

CLIENT / BRIEFING: Our service is going to match people’s taste in music, books and movies. D&Cs central question is: “What would you take to a desert island’. Can you design the logo, the look and feel?

I designed the logo, colour scheme, backgrounds and lettering.


look and feel, logo, identity


look and feel, identity, logo