Not your typical web company logo please

CLIENT / BRIEFING web company logo:

Can you design the logo and look&feel for my new content marketing agency. I am not looking for a smart-minimal-web-company-logo. I know your designs and I am sure you can make something more soulful. The company is going to be called: Van de inhoud


I designed a stylish-type-in-a-red-tab logo. (‘Van de Inhoud’ could be translated as: content-wise)  I also made a proposal for fonts and color scheme including the use of B/W images.

Good content, looking sharp.

web company logo



When you are starting a new company, it makes business sense to hire someone who can make your graphic presence feel solid. The sooner, the better. My specialty is translating a mission statement (o.s.s.) into a tangible graphic look&feel. My mission is to make your (future) target audience feel comfortable, understand, trust and remember your proposition. Through shapes and colours.