Showcase cabinet

Custom designed showcase cabinet

Searchwriters was looking for something extra for their new store.The assignment was to come up with a contemporary ‘letterbox’; an eye-catching and wall-filling showcase cabinet for different letters.



I made a test setup (shown above) to propose the idea to the customer, they loved it.

One of the first sketches is shown below.

eyecatcher schets

The ‘abstract’ design (as opposed to a cozy wooden cabinet) refers to the mathematical nature of Google voodoo. Short sentences combined with indepth knowledge of Google is Searchwriters’ core business. I love translation someones wishes into an object that fits their interior.


It was up within a week

Design assignments like this one are my specialty. For about the same amount of money as a middle of the road standard solution, you get a unique design that perfectly fits your needs. All it takes is some extra attention.

showcase cabinet custom design


Art & Design, combined

You could order a similar wall filling showcase cabinet for your home, shop or office. You could also call me to discuss your stylish and/or functional wishes. Feel free to contact me to discuss. I will design a unique solution for you. I love thinking up attractive and functional constructions and objects. Minimal interventions with maximum impact.

showcase cabinet custom design


Client quote

“We are a new company, with a new office; a shop where everyone can walk in off the street. Our business is writing appealing texts for Google Adwords. We asked Mark Jan Meerdink to come up with an idea for a new showcase cabinet. His solution was this streamlined, transparent installation that focusses on the main players in our business: letters and words. The lines are used in our house-style/identity; it perfectly fits our office and is very attractive. Our own Searchwriters  showcase 3.0″

Minke Ouwehand, Searchwriters